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The Nothing Area

A Cookie Cutter in the Shape of Death

Jackson Shelton
17 January
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Mini-biography, eh? Well alright. I grew up in the Madagascarian rainforest (or desert or tundra or whatever) and then was mistaken for a plush toy at the age of 11 and shipped to the Hallmark store in Rio de Jenero. Here I escaped into the sea and lived with my robot lobster friend, Pierre, for 7 years. When the time came for me to attend American college, I decided upon The College of Saint Rose in stenchy NY state capital, Albany. Here I live in musical bliss with some great robot friends I aquired along the way.

In more realistic news, the most important things in my life are twofold: God, who needs no explanation, and Gina, my best friend and the most loving girlfriend I could ever dream of. She completes my life. She is RoyalPlumb. And she loves God too.
advertising, american beauty, american history x, american psycho, andy warhol, ari hest, art films, badly drawn boy, banjos, beck, bellbottoms, ben folds, ben folds five, bic mechanical pencils, big collars, bluegrass, bourgeois tagg, brown and orange, cannibal, cats, ceramic kittens, chicago, chick corea, christianity, chuck taylors, clavinets, coffee shops, coldplay, cowboy hats, cracker barrel, danny elfman, decaf, diner coffee, diners, disc golf, dj music, double cheeseburgers, dsw shoe warehouse, dukes of hazzard, dutch cocoa cookies, earl scruggs, eating, egg chairs, elvis costello, etymology, frappuccino, frisbee, fugu, funk, fusion, german, gina trask, god, grey and orange, greyboy allstars, h&m clothes, hair, hammond organs, hemp shampoo, herbie hancock, home recording, hoodies, hot topic, hypochondria, iced tea, illinois, incredible crash dummies, independent films, indian music, indie rock, jack's diner, jazz, jesus, john cusak, kazaa, kieth jarret, kirk's castile, lava lamps, listerine, lucid dreaming, lukewarm showers, mashed potatoes, medeski martin & wood, mice, michael moore, mister rogers neighborhood, mix cds, mix tapes, mod art, mod furniture, moma, music production, nasal spray, new york city, paint shop pro, panic attacks, pants, patchouli, pavement, pee-wee's big adventure, pee-wee's playhouse, pepsi, pepto bismol, perogies, photography, pianos, playing the piano, pop art, portishead, psychology, punk clothes, radiohead, randomness, ravi shankar, recording, red-breasted nuthatches, retro stuff, rhodes pianos, rubber duckies, rufus wainwright, saint rose, salvador dali, salvation army, san fransisco, screen printing, shag carpeting, simpsons, sitars, small t-shirts, spherical 8-track players, steely dan, stereolab, swiss cake rolls, the 70s, the b'ville diner, the cardigans, the mermen, the strokes, thrift stores, toothbrushes, uncle fun, vince guaraldi, vintage stuff, vinyl, wah wah pedals, waking life, white noise, wurlitzers, zero seven